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Dr Schneider is a published author and expert in learning disorders. She is passionate about UDL, educational equity, evidence-based reading instruction, the promotion of literacy, and the purposeful use of technology in education.


Dr Schneider serves as a Psychoeducational Diagnositician at Cap'Cham: Cabinet Pluridisciplinaire le Chamossaire, as an Evaluator and Regional Lead for ASK: All Special Kids, and as a Designated College Colleague in Special Education at the University of Arizona

  • PhD in Special Education 

  • EdS in Language and Reading 

  • MA in Educational Psychology

  • Member, American Psychological Association
  • Member, International Dyslexia Association

Dr Schneider is an expert in learning disorders whose work in the fields of special education and educational psychology appears in the Cambridge Handbook of Clinical Assessment and Diagnosis, the Journal of Reading Psychology, the International Dyslexia Association's Journal of Reading & Writing, the Sage Encyclopedia of Abnormal Clinical Psychology, the Wiley Encyclopedia of Clinical Psychology, Springer's Handbook of Intelligence, Brookes' Learning Disabilities and Challenging Behaviors, and Wiley's Woodcock-Johnson IV: Reports, Recommendations, and Strategies, among others. She has also contributed to award-winning educational software programs, such as the MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach and the MindPlay Comprehensive Reading Program online interventions.


Dr Schneider has served as instructional faculty at the University of Arizona and as an evaluator and research associate on multi-year, federally-funded projects in the areas of behavioural intervention and reading remediation. Dr Schneider has also served as principal investigator on two large-scale, experimental studies of reading-language arts interventions. Dr Schneider has been invited to present her academic work and research at various international conferences, including the annual conferences of the International Dyslexia Association, the Council for Exceptional Children, the International Academy of Research in Learning Disabilities, and the Learning Disabilities Association. 


Dr Schneider is a full member of the American Psychological Association and the International Dyslexia Association. She holds a PhD in Special Education; an EdS in Language, Reading, and Culture; and an MA in Educational Psychology. She also holds a summa cum laude bachelor's degree in English with a thematic minor in K-12 education. All of her degrees were awarded by the University of Arizona, where she was named College of Education Outstanding Graduate elected to the Phi Beta Kappa honour society.

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